Condom Social Marketing
Condom Social Marketing forms a critical element of NaSoMa's programme activities aimed at changing behavioral norms. Health products and services are branded and marketed through communication campaigns and events that educate and induce healthy behavior. Key activities include outlet mapping, condom distribution, and event promotions at outlets, bars, clubs and other places of social gathering.
NaSoMa's products are characterized by premium quality, affordability and accessibility. Four condom brands are marketed and positioned for different groups, namely: Cool Ryder Dotted,Cool Ryder Smooth, Femidom and Sense.
NaSoMa's Approach
The HIV/AIDS pandemic is approached as a general population problem. 
As all Namibians are at risk, market segmentation through branding has been adopted in order to effectively communicate to the different audiences. 
Both supply and demand are maintained by making the products available and by motivating consistent use. Products are sold with the rational being that products purchased are usually valued more highly by consumers and are therefore more likely to be used than those obtained freely.
The marketing model