HIV/AIDS Workplace Programme

Employers and employees have a joint responsibility to develop and implement appropriate workplace programmes on HIV/AIDS" (HIV/AIDS Charter of Rights)

NaSoMa's workplace programme aims at equipping the most economically productive segment of the society with the necessary information, education and means to protect themselves from contracting STI's including HIV/AIDS. A comprehensive package is tailor-made for each company to maximise impact.

Benefits of the HIV/AIDS Control measures in companies (click here to view the ISO 4074)

At the macro economic level:

Reduction in the loss of workforce.
Reduction in social cost.
Potential for development increases.

At Company level:

Less absenteeism.
Less labour turn over.
Less disability.
Less death.
Resulting in increased productivity.

At the individual level:

Behaviour change, leading to risk reduction.
Improve social care and access to information.
People living with HIV/AIDS and/or suffering from opportunistic infections will be offered good medical care through in- or out-house occupational service, thereby leading to an improvement in their quality of life.


  • Creating and enabling environment through HIV/AIDS policy development and implementation.
  • Knowledge, Attitude and Practice studies (KAP).
  • Promote non-discrimination and openness around HIV/AIDS through developing and implementing non-discriminatory HIV/AIDS workplace policies.
  • Offer HIV/AIDS education complimented by supportive services.
  • Use friends and peers as powerful agents of change.
  • Promote condom use.
  • Distribute condoms.
  • Awareness creation through Behavior Change Communication (BCC) materials.
  • Encourage Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT).
  • Establish a monitoring and evaluation tool for the programme.
  • Cost Benefit Analysis


Partners Organizations

  • Grinaker (LTA) Namibia
  • Etale Fishing Company
  • Ministry of Mines & Energy

Beneficiaries of the Programmes

The following organisations benefited through our workplace programme:

  •  Coca Cola
  •  Meatco
  •  Okapuka Tannery
  •  Unam
  •  Polytechnic
  •  Nakara
  •  Hentiesbay Municipality
  •  Roads Authority
  •  Road Contractor Company (RCC)