Social Marketing Methodology

Marketers strive to satisfy consumers by providing branded products and/or services. The first step is consumer research aimed at understanding what consumers want. Marketers use results of the research to guide the following steps being products and services, plus strengthening of supply and demand activities. Strengthening supply activities often involves increasing the number of outlets such as pharmacies and shops that provide the product or service. Another supplyside activity is training the providers such as wholesalers, pharmacists, doctors, clinics and shopkeepers who stock and sell products.

NaSoMa's Approach

Promotion includes all forms of Behavior Change Communications (BCC), interpersonal media, group media and mass media that lead potential consumers to purchase the product or services
Awareness raising campaigns are held on a regular basis in formal and informal sectors by means of displays and demonstrations, at shebeens, open markets, pharmacies, trade fairs, etc. "Information, Education, Communication" (IEC) materials are also distributed during these campaigns. Training of users/community by means of demonstrations and the distribution of IEC materials take place on a monthly basis and are done by the BCC team as well as the regional staff. Our events and promotions officer also play a vital role in this regard.
Workplace programme campaigns are normally conducted by the BCC team assisted by other NaSoMa staff. These campaigns are held on a monthly basis in different regions where the respective company operates.