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HIV/AIDS has emerged as highly complex and constantly evolving epidemic that poses a grave threat to individuals, families, communities, and economic worldwide.

The SADC/DFIF Regional STI/HIV project has proven to be an important vehicle to help contain the spread an impact of HIV/AIDS in Namibia and has made significant inroads in Namibia' s fight against the disease. Through continued support from the Namibian public and private sector and the international community, NaSoMa is committed to put the lives, hopes and dreams of Namibians at the forefront of national efforts aimed at curbing the spread of HIV/AIDS.

This is what the public said on NaSoMA

"NaSoMa people are great. They are my friend and they have taught me a lot about protecting myself when I am having sex" - Johanna, aged 21, Commercial Sex Worker

" They don't criticize. They don't judge. They just tell you what is right" - Ndapewa, aged 19, Waitress and Participant in the Outreach Programme.

" I see them (NaSoMa team) like my older sisters. They help to make the right choices when it come to sex"- Aleta, aged 18, Youth Participant in the Outreach Programme"