NASOMA commemorates condom day
07 Apr 2011

As part of the national condom awareness day, the National Social Marketing Programme (NASOMA), held an awareness creation campaign where they distributed condoms at traffic lights in Windhoek.

Each year, 22 August is marked as National condom awareness day in Namibia. Finance Manager at NASOMA, Ingemarry Shikangala told New Era that staff of her organisation yesterday embarked on distributing packets of condoms (comprising of three condoms), a piece of chocolate and pamphlets with information on HIV/AIDS to people in vehicles, at traffic lights.

Pedestrians were also not excluded as they too were taught on how to use condoms, how much they cost and advantages of using them. Shikangala said it is important to use condoms when engaging in sexual activities to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

Similarly, a team of employees was deployed to the north where they also carried out a similar exercise yesterday. Only, they did so at the roadblock between Ondangwa and Ongwediva.

Also, road constructors and individuals in Okahao and the surrounding areas were treated to this information, added Shikangala. 'I would like to see more awareness creation in the regions,' said Shikangala.

Further, she added that few people are aware about the day (National condom awareness day) compared to World AIDS Day, which is observed on 1 December each year.

Acting Public Relations Officer in the Ministry of Health and Social Services, Lidia Muraranganda said although the day is observed on 22 August, awareness creation on condom use would be incorporated in the National Testing Day event scheduled for 7 September.