Product Quality

NaSoMa's Approach

Assurance of condom quality at all stages of procurement, storage and distribution to end-users shall be carried out at all levels by NaSoMa to ensure a consistent high standard of quality.
Quality assurance of condoms is vital to protect the health of users and to instill confidence in this method of STI/HIV and pregnancy prevention among potential users. Problems with quality at any stage of the distribution chain can lead to method failure and exposure to STI/HIV or unplanned pregnancy. Perception of poor condom quality, even when unfounded or resulting from experiences of incorrect use rather than sub-standard quality, can severely affect public opinion of this important method of protection.

NaSoMa procures two types of male condoms from Indus Medicare, a supplier based in India and selected by NaSoMa through international tenders. Whereas one condom is particularly thin and dotted, the other is a coloured, flavoured and ribbed condom. The Female Health Company in the UK produces the female condom.

NaSoMa's condoms meet or exceed ISO 4074 premium quality standards as well as WHO standards. The manufacturer under the supervision of an independent inspector performs compliance testing on each lot and the results are made available to the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS) prior to shipment. All deliveries are randomly sampled and independently submitted, by MoHSS for quality assurance testing and acceptance by Société Générale de Surveillance Laboratories (SGS) and/or in Zimbabwe at the Zimbabwe Regional Drug Control Laboratory (ZRDCL).